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Privacy Statement



1.  This website does not employ cookies or in any way track the identity of visitors.

2.  Software produced by Waterline Software is sold via the intermediaries of the Google Play™ store and Apple iTunes™.  The privacy terms of those corporations are to be found on the respective websites.

3.  The extent of customer information shared by Apple & Google with us is limited to the country and city of the purchaser.  This information is used by us to better serve the needs of those customers in creating future localisations of our products.  This information is not used for any other purpose nor is it passed to any third party.

4.  All communications to us from customers via email are treated in confidence.  Those communications will be retained in their entirety for future reference.  Customer's email addresses will not be passed to a third party for any purpose.

5.  All applications currently produced by Waterline Software have no functionality in identifying the user, his Apple or Android ID, his use of the application or harvesting any other personal data held on the user's device.  Where applications have the capability of displaying the user's geographic position this information remains on the device only for the duration of the application's use.  It is not communicated elsewhere from the device.


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